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Snaking and Power Wash of Kitchen Stacks and Clogged Drains

The kitchen stack is a sanitary/sewage pipe that collects dirty water from the kitchen sinks and dishwashers. The kitchen stack sends the wastewater to the building main drain. The water empties to the city sewage system. Sometimes accumulated grease can cause serious issues.

When you dump greasy water into the kitchen sink, the liquid grease cools and hardens. After a few seconds, the grease becomes solid and extremely sticky and sticks to the sanitary pipe walls. The sticky substance creates a build-up, making the opening in the pipe smaller over time.

At some point, the pipe has so much grease build-up water cannot drain. At this, you might get a sewage back-up (also be called a sanitary back or kitchen sink).
What does this mean? Because the sanitary stack is full of grease water, wastewater cannot go down the sanitary drain pipe or stack. Instead, it starts accumulating inside the pipe until the level rises to the kitchen sink level. When it happens, dirty and smelly sewage rises in your kitchen sink and dishwasher. Then there might get significant back-up. Large amounts of sewage rise so high in your kitchen sink that it overflows on the floor! This quickly destroys your apartment and even your neighbours’ apartments below you.

To avoid this horrific nightmare, POM Plumbing Inc. provides preventative maintenance with professional snaking and powerwash (or power jetting). Our licensed professionals will first snake your kitchen stack to make sure it has a minimal opening for water to drain. We use a special machine that uses a metal spring to destroy blockage.

After snaking is done, and we are confident that the kitchen stack has a minimal opening inside for draining water, we bring our powerwash equipment. Our professional powerwash equipment runs massive amounts of hot water under 3000PSI pressure. The high pressure cuts all the grease off the walls of your sanitary pipe, returning it to “like new” condition. After power washing, we will perform a detailed camera inspection to ensure no grease is left in the pipe. Enjoy using your kitchen sink and dishwasher safe. Call us to find out more.