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Kitec Piping Replacement

What is Kitec piping? Kitec piping is a multilayer pipe used widely 10 to 20 years ago for domestic water distribution systems. Unfortunately, the use of Kitec piping led to operational failures. In the long-term, Kitec piping results in massive floods that cause significant property damage to your home and even neighborhood. The use of Kitec piping was widespread in high and low rise condominium buildings. Flooding affects neighbours leaving below and beside you. Unfortunately, insurance companies often do not cover Kitec piping because this piping is considered very high risk. Some homeowners find themselves paying a much higher premium even if the insurance company does cover their homes. 
POM Plumbing Inc. provides full service of replacement of Kitec piping. We start with comprehensive drawings. Our team has these drawings approved in your municipality to obtain a building/plumbing permit. As soon as we receive the permit, our experienced professionals start removing all the Kitec piping from your property. We replace it with the pipe of your choice: PEX/IPEX piping, copper piping, other approved piping.
The work takes place according to an agreed schedule approved by the property manager and the board or apartment owner. After the piping is replaced, we call the engineer and city inspector to inspect the work.
Some changes, like removing and creating new openings in walls for replacing existing piping, may occur. Our full service makes this experience stress-free for you. Our experienced crew will take care of any property damage created when replacing Kitec piping.
Enjoy the ease of professional pipe replacement. The POM Plumbing Inc. team leaves your home clean. During the project, we will leave you an operating washroom and kitchen sink to minimize any inconvenience. The average Kitec pipe replacement process takes 3 to 5 business days, depending on the property type. Speak with our project manager today.