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Hot and Cold-Water Pressure Investigation and Repair

Hot and cold water municipal systems operate the same nationwide. Your home has cold water coming from the city. A boiler prepares hot water to the end consumers through a piped distribution system. Unfortunately, this system is not as easy as it looks like from the outside.

The hot and cold water must be correctly balanced to ensure you are getting the right temperature water at your fixture. Each consumer must be able to adjust water temperature according to their needs.

The complex devices work as one mechanism to ensure you receive the correct water temperature. Wrong adjustments and broken system components create serious problems:
  • Only hot or only cold water running from your tap or shower
  • Drastically fluctuating water temperature.
  • Not enough pressure in the system
  • Toilets filling up with hot water
  • Other water pressure issues

You need a professional to diagnose the problem. The issue may be complicated or straightforward.  POM Plumbing Inc. will send our highly trained technician to investigate the system. Our licensed technicians test all of the equipment involved in the water preparation process. They make sure the necessary repair/replacement and re-adjustments. Trust POM Plumbing Inc. to get your system operating again. Contact us today.