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High and Low-rise Plumbing

In Toronto, high-rise and low-rise complexes have complicated plumbing requirements. Each unit needs water temperature regulated, proper water and sewage drainage, and consistent water supply. In commercial buildings, different tenants may require specific features like double-basins or additional sinks for a medical clinic. Residents in an apartment complex may have specific plumbing needs. Older buildings might have hidden problems that need updates with a newer system. Serious plumbing issues quickly compound if flooding occurs on multiple levels. A small leak in a single unit can escalate into irreparable damage to multiple units resulting in thousands of dollars’ worth of damage. You need a quick and reliable plumbing service that provides prompt emergency plumbing services and professional maintenance services. Our high and low-rise plumbing services include: Contact the experienced plumbing professionals at POM Plumbing Inc. Our seasoned team prides itself on prompt service and high-quality installation and repair. Contact us today.