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Emergency and Regular Maintenance

Mechanical systems often break over time. Sometimes these systems do not perform as originally designed. When this happens, our seasoned team of licensed technicians resolves the situation quickly and reliably. POM Plumbing Inc. will fix your system.

We pride ourselves on providing a wide range of emergency services for plumbing and hydronic. You can count on POM Plumbing Inc. Call us for any number of emergencies:

  • Leak investigation, inspection, and repair
  • Snaking  
  • Waterproofing
  • Powerwashing clogged drain
  • “No hot or cold water” problems
  • Repairing mechanical systems
  • Emergency plumbing services
Our trusted technicians ensure mechanical systems are returned to working condition.
POM Plumbing Inc. also provides regular maintenance programs individually designed to meet each customer’s needs and budget. Following our customized maintenance program and avoid common problems before they happen. Prevent emergency plumbing situations. Never stress out about interruptions and inconveniences caused by faulty plumbing mechanical systems.
Our maintenance program includes:
  • Kitchen stack powerwash
  • Mixing valves inspection
  • Adjustments and repair
  • PRV inspection and repair
  • Regular overall system inspection
  • Backflow prevention devices test
  • So much more

Contact us today about our emergency repair services and regular maintenance system.