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Domestic Water, Heating/Cooling Riser Replacement Including Engineer Drawings

It is great when you move into a brand new building with new mechanical systems. Everything works perfectly and is also under warranty. Unfortunately, over time everything gets older. At some point, systems need to be repaired or replaced.

There are few major mechanical systems in each building, like domestic hot and cold water and the heating/cooling systems. Both of these systems have water inside, which circulates continuously. When water flows through all this piping, it rubs against the pipe walls. During this time, the pipe walls get thinner.

At some point, a leak can be caused by a “pinhole.” A pinhole is a tiny hole in the pipe created by water circulation. Sometimes the leak is noticeable and severe damage is averted. But sometimes pinholes create costly damage not just in your apartment but in your neighbours’ apartments.

The only way to repair this issue is to replace sections of the damaged pipe with a new pipe. During repair, sometimes plumbers create additional damage on the walls or ceiling. They need to access pipe for repair and often need to open up large sections of the wall. Over time these types of issues may increase.

At some point, the building may have a high-risk status. A “high-risk” status means a significant rise in insurance policy premiums. Sometimes insurance providers will not provide insurance due to extremely high risk. Repair this serious problem permanently. But you can make the building safe for residents by replacing the majority of the broken system. Avoid future issues and enjoy lower insurance premiums overall.

POM Plumbing Inc. prides itself on superior workmanship from start to finish. We will quickly and reliably replace your broken system. For years we have helped clients solve their serious plumbing issues. Our process is simple:
  • Full system inspection
  • Prepare required drawings
  • Approval in your municipality
  • Obtain building/plumbing permit
  • Replace of the required system section by section with minimal disruption
  • Passing all the inspections necessary with engineer and city inspector
  • After passed inspections send repair crew takes care of any damage

We promise that you will find your property in much better condition after we have replaced the broken piping. This is our guarantee. Call us now.