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Catch Basin Cleaning and Garage Powerwash

A parking garage floor is designed to keep all the dirty water, sand, salt, and different debris running down the drains. However, the debris collects over time. To prevent clogging a building’s main piping and the city piping, professionals must install a catch basin at the lower level of the parking garage.

What is the catch basin? The catch basin is a concrete pit with a space at the bottom designed to collect debris. During the time the debris level rises. The system needs maintenance and cleaning for proper operation. Expect to clean the basin at least twice a year – in the spring and the fall. You want to keep the drain clean during the harsh winters.

The POM Plumbing Inc. team provides high-quality catch basin cleaning. We also offer exceptional garage floors, powerwash services. Let us remove all unwanted debris. Enjoy a clean, spotless property. Contact us today.