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Camera Inspection and Locating of Broken Pipes


Being a homeowner is full of responsibilities. Nobody should be expected to keep up on plumbing maintenance alone. Plumbing needs a professional touch. This is why POM Plumbing is so valuable to the community. Countless families have relied on us for plumbing help, including drain repair, in GTA.


Has your drain lost efficiency? The cause could be any number of things. Many times, this dilemma warrants contacting a professional. POM Plumbing Inc. is the best in the area. We’ll get to the root of the problem fast.

Our process is simple. The first step is to snaking the drain to remove easy clogs. If a clog is your only problem, it’s often as simple as pulling out a clump of food or hair from the drain. Other times, it’s not so simple. If the drain still isn’t working correctly after getting snaked or if there’s damage to the pipe, it’s time to take a different approach.

A camera inspection will give us a better picture (literally) of what we’re working with. Our experienced technician will insert a tiny camera into the drain. We follow a video feed down the drain and find out what is causing the damage. The camera has a unique sound that helps us locate the exact spot where you have a problem. Our technician will also be able to see how deep underground your main drain to prepare for the repair correctly. Contact our talented POM Plumbing Inc. team today.