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Backflow Preventer Test, Repair, and Installation

The backflow preventer device allows domestic water to flow only one direction – toward to your fixtures. This device does not allow water to flow in the opposite direction. It ensures any chemicals connected to your domestic water system do not contaminate the internal water distribution system. These chemicals can poison your drinking water.

POM Plumbing Inc. provides the following essential services:


Our licensed professionals examine the existing drains and through the entire property. We identify if your property has all the required backflow prevention devices necessary, or if you need additional backflow preventer devices.


You might need additional backflow preventer devices. Our team will prepare any required drawings and obtain the proper required plumbing permit. The technicians will install the new backflow devices quickly and reliably.


After all the devices are in place, POM Plumbing Inc. professionals will test each of the devices to ensure they are in good operating condition. If a backflow preventer is not functioning correctly and then re-testing failed devices. After all of the devices are tested, our professionals will submit all test reports to the city.